Battling Identity Theft: My Story and the International Class Action Against Levi Weisz


Identity theft is a nightmare that many of us hope never to experience. My name is Steve Friedman, and I had the unfortunate experience of being a victim of identity theft. Last year, I found myself entangled in a web of false accusations, but through determination and a pursuit of justice, I managed to clear my name. In this blog, I’ll share my story and the ongoing battle against the individual responsible, Levi Weisz.

False Accusations and IRS Contact

It all began when I received unexpected messages from both the IRS in the United States and the Australian Taxation Office. To my shock, I was accused of managing a website involved in tax evasion, offshore companies in tax havens, money laundering, and even the sale of counterfeit online casino licenses. These false allegations disrupted my life and plunged me into a world of stress and uncertainty.

Proving My Innocence

Proving my innocence was a challenging journey. I faced months of struggling to demonstrate that I had no connection to the website in question. The toll it took on my personal and professional life was significant, but I refused to give in to the false accusations. With perseverance and evidence, I eventually cleared my name.

Taking Action Against the Impostor

To ensure that the perpetrator did not escape justice, I decided to file a complaint with the FBI. An ongoing investigation was initiated, and the identity of the alleged imposter was revealed to be a French man named Levi Weisz.

Levi Weisz’s Involvement in Various Frauds

The investigation uncovered a disturbing pattern of fraudulent activities linked to Levi Weisz. His criminal record extends beyond impersonation and identity theft, including involvement in bank frauds, real estate scams, online e-commerce scams, cryptocurrency scams, and possibly more. This individual’s actions have left countless victims in their wake.

A Recurring Nightmare for Me

Interestingly, several years ago, I had already encountered individuals from France who believed I was responsible for scamming them online. I was compelled to explain that I had no involvement in their predicament, and I couldn’t even speak French. Now, it has become evident that the same scammer who used my identity was behind these earlier incidents.

Launching an International Class Action

In response to the significant number of victims around the world, I have taken the initiative to start an international class action against Levi Weisz. The aim is to bring this individual to justice and ensure that others who have suffered similar ordeals find relief.

Join the Fight

If you have fallen victim to Levi Weisz’s fraudulent activities, I encourage you to come forward and share your story. By uniting and standing against this imposter, we can increase the chances of achieving justice for all affected parties. Please send me your contact details and your story to become part of this collective effort.


My experience as a victim of identity theft was arduous, but it also revealed the strength of the human spirit when faced with adversity. Levi Weisz’s fraudulent activities have left a trail of victims, and it is our collective responsibility to seek justice. Together, we can ensure that individuals like Levi Weisz are held accountable for their actions and that the victims find solace in knowing that they are not alone in their struggle for justice.

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